The creation of a quality lighting installation requires a holistic approach involving the application of lighting engineering, optical, electronic, energetic, architectural, economic, environmental competencies.
vertmonde products, lighting installations which use them and the people who design them concentrate the strong points of diverse disciplines to provide efficient solutions.

We support businesses from the drawing board to the final commissioning, following a proven path perfected over 16 years of experience and which can be identified in three specific phases:


  • Analysis of the operating environment
  • Census of the client’s lighting inventory
  • Quantification of existing illuminance
  • Analysis of maintenance factors
  • Analysis of light pollution
  • Cost/benefit analysis of the intervention: retrofit or completely new installation
  • Project design

Proposal formulation

  • Presentation of the potential lighting project and a discussion on energy comparison
  • Presentation of the achievable economic benefits and energy savings
  • Definition of R.O.I
  • Quotation, with or without installation costs

Production phase

  • Order definition
  • Implementation of the new lighting installation
  • Drafting of energy reports for tax deductions or energy performance certificates (EPC).
  • Issue a warranty for the materials