vertmonde has been designing, producing and distributing innovative lighting solutions since 2004 and in 2007 began developing luminaires using LED technology.
World class lighting

We pay the utmost attention to the rapid technological turnover which has characterized the world of illumination since the advent of the new technologies because innovation in designing products dedicated to specific fields of application is the fundamental condition which enables us to provide highly distinctive solutions compared to the all-purpose mainstream products offered by many operators on the market.

Attention to innovation is what distinguishes vertmonde from the crowd. By investing in the top technology, constantly choosing the best and most up to date light sources and the most reliable and sophisticated power supplies, developing functionally efficient and yet always pleasing luminaire design, over time vertmonde has been able to win the trust of some of the most prestigious companies in the world and to become supplier and technological partner.

Precision and attention to detail

We love precision. Every single one of our lamps is brought to life through a series of processes which have been tried and tested over time and based on solid technical expertise to create lighting fixtures of the utmost quality. The responsibility for each production phase is assigned to teams which are dedicated to each product category, to different design typologies and to creating lighting installations for a variety of sectors, each requiring a dedicated approach and methodology.


During the design phase we employ the most avant-garde technologies. The engineering division team uses the most advanced CAD/CAE/CAM/FEM software systems along with other specific software to engineer the lighting layout.
The concept for every new product emerges from this division and the decision to develop a new element is a result of input received from the marketing department, which, in collaboration with the sales division, identifies new demands and market opportunities connected to the evolution of specialized products.
During the design phase, thanks to CATIA V5 and V6, we able to optimize the study times in the life cycle of a new product from the item’s conception to analysis (CAE), design (CAD) production (CAM) to prototypes for pre-series’ production approval to be submitted to the certifying agencies.

Special products

2018 saw the creation in vertmonde of the division dedicated to the design and development of “Special Products”, a new division dedicated to developing and engineering specific products for particular applications.

The company has always invested in latest generation technologies for virtual design using dynamic simulation, which enables us to transfer our solid know-how in lighting engineering into innovative lighting fixtures able to offer specific solutions for specialist sectors such as oenology, intensive farming, greenhouse and hydroponic agricultural crops, metallurgy and food production, creating benchmark installations for the most important players in their sectors.

The V-Guard example

V-Guard originated during the national lockdown in 2020 to contrast the Covid-19 emergency with the objective of creating a specific product to sanitize the most diverse study and work spaces on a daily basis without having to resort to periodic chemical spraying, a practice both repetitive and expensive as well as most likely undesirable.

Our extensive lighting engineering know-how has enabled vertmonde to produce a sanitizing device which is technologically innovative but based on the well-known and proven sterilizing properties of UV-C frequency light emissions (more correctly known as UVGI) and with the precision and power typical of LED technology, thus substantially improving the sanitizing capability and performance of traditional fluorescent UV lights, which have long been used to sanitize and disinfect water and other elements used in the production of food and pharmaceuticals.