and safety

Quality control

Not a single lighting fixture realized by vertmonde is released on to the market without having been subjected to ICP quality control which involves a series of analyses by expert QC technicians.
There is no random testing, but quality control on 100% of the lighting fixtures which are always subjected to significant aging-tests, this phase being crucial for the lifespan of the product.

Checking and testing owned systems

By the time it reaches the end-user, a vertmonde lighting fixture has passed a considerable number of electrical, electronical, mechanical, environmental and lighting engineering tests, overcoming testing systems and laboratories with 25 different stations for checking and testing, equipped with the most up to date apparatus.

Impact windshield test
Line leakage test
Dust & powder test
Glow wire test
Needle-flame test
Salt spray test
Lifespan Migp test
UV emission test
Drop test
Integrating sphere beam test
Temperature & humidity test
Thermal test
Power meter test
Oven burn-in test
Aging test
IPXX test
IIKX& test
Suspension test
DC Power test
Eletronic load test
Electronic balance test
Digital Multimetering test
Oscilloscope waveform test
RoHS test
3D and laser metal printing

vertmonde is premium lighting partner of:

vertmonde luminaires conform to the mandatory EC-ENEC directives and are compliant with European harmonized standards.

Additional voluntary certifications have been obtained by vertmonde luminaires, awarded by the foremost European and north American safety institutes such as UL, SAA, TÜV, DLC, RoHs, etc. in order to better protect the buyer, whether it be the end-user or an intermediary.